Article III - Immutable Fundamental Rules

Thanks Pal! What’s up? :wink:

I believe it is important for us to really be aware of the rules and follow them. Thanks for the reminder! :100:

Thanks for this! Very informative!

I really feel secured with this set-in motion.

I hope they’ll provide a bit more in depth information about banning a member.

Interesting thought you got there, mate. You have any idea what can of information that is?

That’s right! If ever anyone forgets the rules, just go back here. Information are provided.

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Great reminders. mate! That’s what I also do, since I’m not good in memorizing so I always see to it to check here again to be sure. :100:

I keep forgetting some rules. Keep coming back here to further memorize the rules.

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Great! I admire your dedication, mate, As for me personally memorizing is really hard, Great job to you! :100:

Joining in again to keep myself updated. Glad to know that we still share the same thoughts in this topic. We shall keep on familiarizing ourselves with he rules as to keep the community in order. :slightly_smiling_face:

They do! We just gotta come up with new ideas to share to the community.

Then we will have a better community. It will be very useful too.

Wow! That must be 1 Terra memory haha