Article IV - DAO Institutions, Other Rules and Guidelines

It is great that the team published this article since this is how should a Dao community works. Now we are aware of how well the proposal jury and Dao court be determined.

Thank you for supporting my idea bud!

This is a great suggestion, mate!

This is true. Since this is a Dao community, what’s most important is being transparent to the members in every aspect of the projects.

Right on! At least everyone got to see updates especially those who are not around most of the time.

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Yes! Yes! I’ve been away for a week and checking the info here after that really helped me easily catch up with the info I missed. So, having a monthly recap would be a great help to those who’ll be away for a period of time. :fire:

You are correct, pal! Dao community must be more transparent and detailed when it comes to the project and with this, in how well they determine the person in charge. With this, they will gain more members and of course the trust of their members.

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I agree with you, mate!

You are on point, mate! :fire:

That’s true. Transparency in the project is most important to us. Understanding how the scheme works together with knowing how the persons in charge determined or if they are really eligible to hold the project is what gains our trust. Hence, if we give our trust no doubt the next we will do is recommend this project to the friend or family we have. Thus, this will result in new more members which means success in the Dao community.

Good point! Any criteria do you have in mind? :+1:

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If I may suggest, a situational quiz would be relevant in the process of selecting jury member candidates. This criterion will measure how they think and act critically. You guys may add up if I miss something. :+1:

That’s a great idea. The team shall consider this already. It’s like the 'knowledge test" we were all talking about the past months. Glad you’ve raised this again. :smiling_face:

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Thanks, man! Do you have something in your mind? The team might be starting the next steps in DAOstitution.

I would think they’re probably working on something. As related to what you said, maybe a proposal to an implementing criteria for jury candidates up for voting. What do you guys think? :thinking:

How about we make a poll out of it. Then, let’s see about the details next. Would you guys want to see new proposals about implementing criteria for jury candidates?

  • YES
  • NO

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Yes! We may need to have a new proposal about this.

It would not be that easy too! Kudos to the team.

This is a good way to start. :+1:

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Nice move to this. :facepunch:

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