Article VI - Community Ethics and Guidelines

Are we allowed to share our own topics?

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Hm. Let’s see the improvements of this project.

Yes I think, we can mate! I’m waiting for one brave soul who would start doing so. :star_struck:

I think we are. And I believe that would be a great idea for us. New topics to look forward too

Yeah I mean this can spark up a new article from the admins? yea?

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Exactly! Maybe you have some ideas in mind and could dare to go and create new thread. Go for it! :fire:

Yes, mate! I second this, really interested to read some fresh ideas all the time. :heart_eyes:

So far, it’s been great. For me atleast.

Agreed! I believe this is the best description for BreederDAO. :slight_smile:

Yes we may! It would be a good engagement to have a new thread.

it would actually be better if you do. looking forward to it…

I think this is an important thing to consider and I see the team indeed embodies the right principles and values

The team wouldn’t go this far with all their partnerships and success without these :100:

Been thinking about it, mate!

I see that DAO is giving us their promises.

Let’s see what this project has in store for us in the future!