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DAOstitution FAQ

1. Who drafted the First Proposal and why?

The first proposal was drafted by the BreederDAO core team as the first step to fully launching the DAO and allowing the community to participate in ideating, discussing, proposing, and voting for the DAO.

It is of utmost importance to us that members of BreederDAO are aligned and in sync with what we collectively value, our communal goals, and the ways through which we will work together to achieve them— this is why we’re presenting the DAOstitution as the first proposal.

2. What is the DAOstitution?

It is the organizational document and charter of BreederDAO which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the community members towards the DAO and with each other. It is comprised of six articles that lays down fundamental provisions on the DAO’s structure and governance.

To view the live proposal on the present draft of the DAOstitution and participate in the discussions, visit Discourse here.

3. Why the DAOstitution?

Since the launch of $BREED, BreederDAO has been working towards our transition into a full-fledged DAO through unlocking one of our main token utilities—governance. To set this in motion, there was a clear need to put in place a fundamental set of rules that will embody the ethos of the DAO and uphold the interests and integrity of its community, while furthering our collective vision to onboard Web 3.0’s next billion participants as the Factory of the Metaverse.

4. What are the Articles of the DAOstitution?

Article 1: Declaration of Goals and Purpose

This contains our collective goals, and the mission and vision of the DAO. Outlined here are who we are as a DAO and how we want the metaverse at-large to see us. In times of doubt, this declaration will provide clarity and direction.

Link to the Discourse topic

Article 2: Definition of Key Terms

This is where commonly used terms are defined to avoid confusion and manage disputes, ensuring everyone is on the same page when reading through the DAOstitution.

Link to the Discourse topic

Article 3: Immutable Fundamental Rules

Once the DAOstitution is ratified, everything in this article can no longer be amended. We understand that inflexible rules may not be a good idea for charter documents, so this article will focus on those that are most fundamental.

Link to the Discourse topic

Article 4: DAO Institutions, Other Rules and Guidelines

This article outlines the basic bodies and institutions that are essential for good governance.

  1. A Proposal Jury (“Jury”) to sift through and vet proposals
  2. A DAO Court (“Court”) to handle disputes and implement discipline.

Future rules, guidelines and additions to the DAOstitution may also be added in this article as a new section (through an amendment).

Link to the Discourse topic

Article 5: Governance Proposal System

This article lays down the foundation of the DAO’s governance mechanism. It covers important matters such as how proposals are submitted, the timelines for discussion, how they are approved or rejected, and how these ultimately get voted upon and passed for implementation.

Link to the Discourse topic

Article 6: Community Ethics and Guidelines

These are the values and ethos that the DAO holds dear. The DAO is envisioned to be a place of discussion, respect, inclusiveness and creativity. Members who are found in violation of these community rules and guidelines may face disciplinary action.

Link to the Discourse topic

How can I participate in the First Proposal?

The process can be broken down into 3 main steps: Read → Discuss → Vote. Each step is further detailed below:


  1. Create an account on Discourse
  2. View the full DAOstitution & its 6 Articles under “Breed Proposal Ideas”


  1. Discuss and share ideas on the articles of the DAOstitution under each designated topic found in “Breed Proposal Ideas”. Discussion that is not related to the topic may be removed. Access the topics here
  2. The BreederDAO core team will then organize the discussion output into a formal DAOstitution proposal to be submitted under “Breed Proposal Drafts”.


  1. The proposal becomes live where eligible sBREED holders can vote.

How can I vote?

Voters will need to have at least one sBREED, either through staking or delegation, in order to cast votes on our Snapshot page: To gain sBREED, you would be required to stake your $BREED token. The number of their sBREED corresponds to the vote count. Read more on staking your $BREED token here.

Once you have sBREED, you can connect your wallet with Snapshot and proceed to vote on the platform.

I’m not a $BREED or sBREED token holder, can I still contribute?

Yes, you can! As part of our valued community that supports BreederDAO, you are the ideation body of the government; anyone from the community may start or build a discussion for a potential proposal at

I’d like to discuss and propose other ideas/proposals, how can I do so?

For now, everyone is encouraged to discuss and finalize the DAOstitution first before we open the floor to subsequent proposals. Stay tuned for the official launch of our governance and the approved DAOstitution that will provide final details on our proposal system.

What is Discourse?

Discourse is the name of the platform we use for It is an open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. The BreederDAO community can utilize this forum to discuss proposal ideas and drafts, in relation to the entire ecosystem of BreederDAO.

What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is a decentralized voting system. It is the system used for sBREED holders to cast their votes at Voters connect their wallets and cast their votes in the platform.