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Can you connect us with our discord roles someway ? I want to be specialist here ahahah

I’m not going in with heavy details with this post, and the idea is quite basic but I think it will matter in the long run:

-Start a new official Telegram group:
The group is over 60,000 strong, which doesn’t make sense considering the number of people invested in BreederDAO at this stage, most are likely fake accounts. It is not a good look for potential investors to see such an inflated group considering the lack of activity within it.

-Employ Telegram group moderators:
Give these moderators identity instead of naming them ‘Admin’. Moreover, employ moderators from within the community, and possibly allow the jury to decide who gets the job.

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Please enable nft scholership future on breederdao. because of nft scholership many new members join breederdao and invite there friend and many new members know about breederdeo . According to me it profitable deal for breederdao

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I propose (1) accounting for the BreederDAO treasury, and (2) creating a wind-down proposal to wrap up the BreederDAO assets and return them to stakers.

BreederDAO has existed for about 6 months now, with no product to show for it. This isn’t wholly the team’s fault; the market has shifted and crypto gaming has drastically changed. The model first envisioned - to breed NFT assets for games like Axie Infinity - is no longer viable. And there is no new concept in place. Ideas that make sense in the bull market might not make sense in the bear. BreederDAO is one example of this. Crypto gaming has moved strongly away from the Axie Infinity model and there is no need for an asset generation product. There has been 0 progress on any of the whitepaper items - including many items which were supposed to be completed by now.

In short, BreederDAO has made no forward progress on delivering products and the changing crypto gaming landscape suggests this is because the original concept of BreederDAO no longer works. The best option is to return user funds to stakers and allow the BreederDAO team to move on to a new project.

The next question is how best to return user funds. Many ohm-fork projects have distributed treasury to token holders. This model is flawed because it means people will buy the token on the secondary marketplace for cheap and take value from the long-term project holder who bootstrapped the project treasury. I suggest instead taking a snapshot of the staked breed tokens by a certain date, and delivering the treasury proceeds pro-rata to the amount of staked breed. This returns tokens to the most dedicated holders who contributed their funds to bootstrap the treasury. I’ve downloaded a snapshot of the staked breed holders as of 12/01 in order to avoid manipulation in the future.

One question has to do with illiquid assets in the BreederDAO treasury - such as the myth digidaigaku and various seed round deals. These can’t easily be partitioned to stakers. I suggest these assets continue to hold value especially for the VC backers behind BreederDAO, and they’re a likely good target to receive these assets from BreederDAO in lieu of liquid tokens such as USDC or ETH. I welcome feedback on this, but the thought process is VC’s invested in BreederDAO to take a bet on crypto gaming, and don’t mind the longer holding periods that come with seed round investments (which they already agreed to with BreederDAO), and so assessing the value of these assets and allowing VCs to take them would be the best solution.

I welcome all feedback, but it’s quite apparent to be that BreederDAO as presently organized has no product market fit - in fact, no product at all - and a reboot is the best path forward for all involved.


Hi, Mustached. BreederDAO has been developing products with the vision of being The Factory of the Metaverse. Our core business model is NFT production—and this goes beyond supplying NFTs to guilds in gamefi. Please refer to our Year 1 Report from October 14 which details out our milestones, including the products that we have delivered.

This report is a step towards our commitment to investor & community transparency. Your proposal for treasury accounting is aligned with the direction we are taking, and is something that we are already expediting. This will come hand in hand with an expanded roadmap and a product timeline/overview that will give investors like yourself a more refreshed look into BreederDAO.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clear this out. We have always valued your participation.

Thanks, Ryan. I’d read the report and it informed my thinking. I think you already know what my response will be. I know the incubated projects and the Digi marketplace, but those aren’t at all integrated with the Breed token. They’re cool things to have created, but they’re window dressing. I think at the very least there needs to be a formal proposal to get an accounting and for winding down the treasury for people to vote on. Token holders can express whether they want to continue with the project as it’s being done or have funds returned and allow the team to move on to a different project. How can we get a formal proposal setup so token holders can vote on it?

BreederDAO Buyback Proposal

This Proposal is in reference to the Whitepaper section - ‘BreederDAO Spoils - Buyback and Distribute’, and will establish the framework towards achieving the BreederDAO Spoils Whitepaper commitment.

BreederDAO Spoils (Whitepaper)

Proposal sections

  • (1) Proposal outline.
  • (2) Proportion Weight.
  • (3) Periodicity.
  • (4) Distribution.

Initially, I propose (1) that a proportion of the BreederDAO treasury from revenue (after expenses) is used to purchase $BREED from the market, as stated within the whitepaper:

If such a proposal is approved, the allocated capital will be used to purchase $BREED from the market and contribute back to the staking pool.

The second part of the proposal (2) will focus on determining the weight of capital from revenue allocated to a Buyback from the market.

it is intended that proposals will be submitted periodically to vote on the amount of capital held by BreederDAO that may be allocated to a pool reserved for providing staking rewards.

Section three of the proposal (3) will determine the periodicity of buybacks, whether this is quarterly, annually, or per each individual proposal as quoted within the Whitepaper:

it is intended that proposals will be submitted periodically

The final section (4) is in relation to the distribution of $BREED bought from the market:

Holders of $BREED that have staked their tokens for a stipulated minimum period of time may be eligible to receive $BREED from this staking pool as a reward for their active participation in the BreederDAO ecosystem. The staking rewards may be distributed over a period of time (for example, linearly over up to 12 months).

To further incentivise $BREED staking and investment, a separate staking pool could be established to distribute $BREED purchased through the Buyback scheme.

The proportion a subscriber receives could be calculated by the amount of $SBREED the member holds, or commits to the new pool, with rewards distributed linearly each month. Members must be subscribed (or holding $SBREED) for a minimum of one month before receiving $BREED from the pool.

Thus far, investors have not benefited from revenues made by the project, and as a revenue generating DAO (as stated in the Whitepaper) - this was it’s goal. I hope the community favors this proposal idea. Thank you!

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