BDIP-3: Article IV - Advisory Opinions

How will the exact process for filing for advisory opinions work? will this be transparent for all?

Yeah, I didn’t see that detail. I think they will release other guidelines for that. It should be transparent as well. :thinking:

I hope so, I’m looking forward to it.

It is really an ideal characteristic of DAO to take in consideration. :ok_hand:

Yeah, in that way, they will be able to share their thoughts without judgement.

I agree with that! That’s a sign of a healthy community. Freedom to share my thoughts, followed by a constructive criticism, makes me learn more. I’m looking forward to more proposals! :raised_hands:

I love the fact that they’re being transparent with us. Keep it up! Thankful for also letting us dish out our ideas and thoughts.

Maybe they would release a google form for that. Would like to know how it is done as well.

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A google form is also what I’ve been thinking is a great idea for this :facepunch:

The best thing to understand is that advisory opinions will ensure we create soft discussion guidelines moving forward. In my opinion, it’s a legal standard.

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Definitely! With proper executions of guidelines helps us have better and harmonious community.

We should try to make sure that we don’t have too many advisory opinions and that the system is strict when it comes to creating them or working on them to show others the importance of these opinions and how they affect the systems!


This is definitely on point! :white_check_mark:

I just wonder, how can we differentiate soft discussions, that fall on advisory opinions, from community discussions that would later be validated into a proposal?

I think the team will have a specific classification for that or let’s say a separate medium to differentiate the latter. :+1:

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That is a good idea to sort them. I hope they would apply this.

I agree with this! Maybe a Google form will do. Transparency is a key cornerstone of government activity that promotes accountability.

That is possible, nice! Looking forward for this to be updated.

Mostly like the will be using google form, but who knows, I’ll be waiting for an update on this.

Count me in! Rooting for this and I look forward for this to be updated as well.