BreederDAO Buyback Proposal - SMJ22

BreederDAO Buyback Proposal - By SMJ22 (Shane)

This Proposal is in reference to the Whitepaper section - ‘BreederDAO Spoils - Buyback and Distribute’, and will establish the framework towards achieving the BreederDAO Spoils Whitepaper commitment.

BreederDAO Spoils (Whitepaper)

Proposal sections

  • (1) Proposal outline.
  • (2) Proportion Weight.
  • (3) Periodicity.
  • (4) Distribution.

Initially, I propose (1) that a proportion of the BreederDAO treasury from revenue (after expenses) is used to purchase $BREED from the market, as stated within the whitepaper:

If such a proposal is approved, the allocated capital will be used to purchase $BREED from the market and contribute back to the staking pool.

The second part of the proposal (2) will focus on determining the weight of capital from revenue allocated to a Buyback from the market.

it is intended that proposals will be submitted periodically to vote on the amount of capital held by BreederDAO that may be allocated to a pool reserved for providing staking rewards.

Section three of the proposal (3) will determine the periodicity of buybacks, whether this is quarterly, annually, or per each individual proposal as quoted within the Whitepaper:

it is intended that proposals will be submitted periodically

The final section (4) is in relation to the distribution of $BREED bought from the market:

Holders of $BREED that have staked their tokens for a stipulated minimum period of time may be eligible to receive $BREED from this staking pool as a reward for their active participation in the BreederDAO ecosystem. The staking rewards may be distributed over a period of time (for example, linearly over up to 12 months).

To further incentivise $BREED staking and investment, a separate staking pool could be established to distribute $BREED purchased through the Buyback scheme.

The proportion a subscriber receives could be calculated by the amount of $SBREED the member holds, or commits to the new pool, with rewards distributed linearly each month. Members must be subscribed (or holding $SBREED) for a minimum of one month before receiving $BREED from the pool.

Thus far, investors have not benefited from revenues made by the project, and as a revenue generating DAO (as stated in the Whitepaper) - this was it’s goal. I hope the community favors this proposal idea. Thank you!