Article V - Governance Proposal System

Hm! Nice thought. Good to know!

Now those who wants to send proposals shall know what kinds of proposal to send the team.

Wishing for the same thing. :grin:

I guess the proposals won’t be approved if it won’t benefit both parties involved.

Exactly, mate! We all want what’s best for everyone.

Really looking forward to seeing more from BreederDAO!

Looking forward to a new proposal to be up soon!

Let’s wait and see what’s cooking for us.

Now members will know what kind of proposals they should or should not send.

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Right. I do hope they provide more specific details.

I am really very much willing to wait, mate.

Transparency! Glad to know they’re being transparent with us.

Yes, they are. I’ve join the DAO for a couple of months already and they had always been transparent.

That’s what I observed as well. They’re transparent and provide the necessary information that the members should know.

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Yes! Good to know I’m not the only who noticed this significant fact, mate! :white_check_mark:

Spot on! Transparency is always important. It’s one of the ways for them to ensure our trust.

Me too. I can see how they are trying to keep up with our demands and all our inquiries. But I guess we can all say that their transparency is what keeps us all trust them till now. After all, we can see a clear vision of their goals and purpose for every actions they plan on doing in the project. :innocent:

For sure in no time a new update will be released.

I am all for this too! Makes everyone involved and belong to.

Any proposals you have in mind friends?