BDIP-3: Article I - Definition of Key Terms

Article I - Definition of Key Terms

Section 1. Definitions. Consistent and complementary to its definition in the DAOstitution, and unless the context indicates otherwise, the terms enumerated below shall have the following definitions:

  1. Internal Rules or Guidelines shall refer to this set of specific rules and guidelines that aims to provide
  2. Proposal Jury shall refer to the body responsible for the screening and vetting of proposals submitted by the community under the governance proposal system of the DAOstitution.
  3. Initial Proposal shall refer to a proposal that is submitted for pre-qualification by the community on Discourse in order to gauge interest by discussion as a metric.
  4. Pre-Qualification shall be known as the process that is utilized to evaluate proposals for submission onto the Snapshot platform with the result either being accepted or rejected.
  5. Majority shall refer to the larger number of voters of a minimum voting threshold in order for a vote to come to pass.
  6. Super Majority shall refer to the larger share of voters of a minimum voting threshold in a 3:1 ratio in order for a proposal to come to pass.
  7. Amendment is defined as a minor change to a particular clause within the Guidelines and will not require a formal proposal to induce change.
  8. Revision is defined as a major change to a particular cause within the Guidelines and will require a formal proposal to induce change
  9. Repeal is defined as the complete removal of a clause or rule within the Guidelines and will require a formal proposal to induce change, along with the same proposal providing an immediate solution to the removal gap in the event it is necessary.
  10. Discussion shall refer to the introduction of the topic of a potential proposal inside the community before creation. It may be moderated as necessary in order to provide clarity to community members.
  11. Venue shall refer to the area of discussion which may include Discord, Discourse, or Telegram.
  12. Conflicts of Interest shall refer to situations in which DAO Body members have a situation in which they are in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity due to incompatibility or other standing issues.

Section 2. Interpretation. A reasonable interpretation shall be given to any of the key terms defined above. In case of doubt, an interpretation consistent with the DAOstitution shall prevail.

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Finally! Additional key terms that we should take note of in the DAOstitution.

Thank you for making sure that all the articles are laid out accordingly for the community to check. You guys are really paying attention to every little detail. :100:

Another set of terms to memorize! Thank you for this, will definitely make a note to remember all of them.

Good thing that you guys keep reminding us what are the terminologies and its definition we will encounter once again. Thanks, team, and keep it up. :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:

Awesome stuff!
Terminology definition is a key for avoiding all misunderstanding and will lead us to the easier decision-making for DAO Members! :100:
It should be expanded in future or we should have a glossary here! What do you think?
Glossary with possible hyperlinks in each proposal would make it easy and clear for everyone :wink:

This actually sounds like a great idea! :fire:

I didn’t know about this until now. Another terms to take note! Thanks for being so detailed and transparent with us!

What’s the difference between a Community member and DAO member?

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It is great that they always put and define the terminologies we will encounter throughout the whole BDIP. This is a great help for our better understanding.

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I think DAO members are those who hold sBREED and have the capacity to vote while community members are those who only want to participate, join, or maybe somewhat have a contribution here in DAO. That’s only how I understand it, correct me if I’m wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is very much relevant. It’s great read and will surely help those who are not yet familiar with the jargon,

I agree! This at least gives us clarity about the difference between the two. Thank you for this!

New terms eh? Let’s get it!

Yet another list of words to learn! Thank you for making sure that every article is properly formatted for the community to review. You guys are really focusing on every tiny thing.

I guess the term Breeders will be included in the future proposals.

Since our community is the DAO, I think as long as there’s a contribution then we can definitely consider each other DAO members!

It’s good to understand that we need to keep DAO members to just stakers so there’s greater impact on who’s voting or who wants to vote. :grinning:

Not all stakers participate in DAO proposal voting, just saying.

I know a lot of holders but they don’t bother voting. So yes, it would be perfect to have a clear definition.