Article II - Definition of Key Terms

Article II - Definition of Key Terms

Section 1. Definitions. As used in the DAOstitution, and unless the context indicates otherwise, the terms enumerated below shall have the following definitions:

  1. BREED shall refer to the governance token of BreederDAO.
  2. sBREED shall refer to one of the derivative tokens of BREED presently used to participate and vote in the Governance Proposal System.
  3. Community shall refer to the collective membership of the DAO.
  4. Core Team shall refer to the group of people behind the creation, establishment and development of BreederDAO which shall include its founders and key independent contractors engaged by the DAO’s legal entity.
  5. DAOstitution shall refer to the BreederDAO Constitution.
  6. DAO Court shall refer to the dispute resolution body and judicial organ of the DAO who shall, among others, be responsible for moderating the forums and deciding inter-DAO controversies, issues and cases.
  7. DAO Court Elections shall refer to the voting and selection mechanism that allows a member to become a candidate and, upon garnering a sufficient number of votes, to officially participate as court member of the DAO Court.
  8. DAO Forums shall refer to the official site for DAO-related discussions of the DAO at
  9. Proponent shall refer to one who either: (a) controls such amount of sBREED, either through staking or delegation, that will put him/her within the top one hundred (100) list of persons in terms of sBREED voting power, provided that, sBREED that has been delegated away will not be included in the computation of that particular person’s voting power; or (b) is a member of the Core Team.
  10. Governance Proposal System shall refer to the mechanism by which the community proposes a suggested course of action or inaction that the DAO will take.
  11. Member shall refer to a person who is a lawful holder of at least one sBREED token.
  12. Outstanding token shall refer to all issued sBREED tokens that are unrestricted and eligible to vote.
  13. Proposal shall refer to a suggested course of action or inaction by a member that is formally lodged under the Governance Proposal System of the DAO.
  14. Proposal Jury shall refer to the body responsible for the screening and vetting of proposals submitted by the community to the Governance Proposal System.
  15. Proposal Jury Elections shall refer to the voting and selection mechanism that allows a member to become a candidate and, upon garnering a sufficient number of votes, to officially participate as a jury member in the Governance Proposal System.
  16. Snapshot shall refer to the voting mechanism and platform available at

Section 2. Interpretation. A reasonable interpretation shall be given to any of the key terms defined above. In case of doubt, an interpretation consistent with the DAO’s goals and purpose shall be given to the term.


Already familiarizing myself with all the terms. Good to know they’ve given specific names for each “department”.


It has also made me more at ease! The core team has structured their proposal well. Although still high level, this is definitely a great start to our DAO.

So well thought!

A great start indeed, since everything’s in place and well thought out.

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Will there be a special term for “Breeder”? Let’s say, shall refer to a member that is a certified contributor to the DAO constitution.

What do you guys think?

TBH, I think those roles are best left for Discord. Also, isn’t that what the Ambassador roles are for?

How do you see that playing out? What would be considered contributions to become a “Breeder”?

Reason I’m asking is because I don’t see the difference from “Member” role.

Nice!! For newcomers, this is incredibly beneficial. This deserves a hearty congratulations. The ability to distinguish which is which has been made easier, and it will also help giving proper guidance for the others… Breeder is definitely something…

This is a must visit article in order to be accustomed with DAOstitution. Great idea by the team!

Well, every 1 sBREED holders have the designation of being a member, as stated in the article. But not all members are contributors. Some members want to get involved and voice out their opinions and give suggestions; some just go with the flow and just vote for who they believe stands out.

BreederDao really treats their members good. this article let everyone understand the jargons revolving in the group! This will help everyone on knowing what people are talking up! thanks for this keep it up!

Yooo. this will actually help me so much, been looking for an article that will help me with my breederDAO experience like this in a while now.

I am glad that there is a definition of key terms. This is really helpful, especially for folks who are not yet well-versed in this field.

Oh, so we can stick to defining Members as “a person who is a lawful holder of at least one sBREED token” as stated in the article. Then for Breeders, they would be Members that actually contribute to the DAO? Makes sense. One of the things the community can initially decide on :blush:

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Exactly my point! Thanks dear! :hugs:

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I love how each terminologies were defined in a very simple way; from its token (the difference between Breed and $Breed), to proposals, to its voting platform (in which they have also inserted a url-it is indeed very helpful!!). It made it easier for me to understand, glad that they have included this—right after the DAO’s vision, mission and goals!


This was done as simple but as understandable as it can be. Good for those who are new to the project.

A nation can be divided by language, so it’s substantial to have these terms defined as we need to be understanding one language as a community.

Everyone learned the group’s jargon from this article!! Being able to understand what is being said will be helpful to everyone. Guys, that’s why! Always make reading a priority particularly on the crucial terms…

To the point and clearly communicated. I would just try to avoid any confusion that could arise from excessively repeating “DAO” to define most.

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