BDIP-2: Article V - Issuance of Interpretative Guidelines

Article V - Issuance of Interpretative Guidelines

Section 1. The Interpretive Guidelines merely defines or explains the relevant statute and regulations and does not impose any requirements that are not otherwise set forth in the DAOstitution or any internal rule or regulation. When issued, they provide both the voters and the future Proposal Juries more ability to navigate around particular issues that have no real clarity.

1. Process on Issuance

  1. Interpretative Guidelines will go through a discussion period in which they will outline the need for creation and the benefits it will impose onto those it affects once it is issued.
  2. Once approved by unanimous consent, the Proposal Jury will then begin the drafting process, the member who suggested it shall be assisted by the rest of the Proposal Jury.
  3. Once drafted, it shall undergo revision and final review and a unanimous vote will determine whether the said interpretative guideline shall be approved and published.

2. Non-Binding

  1. An Interpretative Guideline is not binding and does not mandate or require any course of action or inaction. Instead it is issued in order to provide clarity to issues relating to the Proposal Jury or the Governance Proposal System that are complex and/or obscure in nature.
  2. This means that they are not regulations or rules, and do not have to undergo a formal proposal process if created.
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If I interpret this right, I think this is the part where implementing rules and regulations in certain specific proposals will take part. That’s a good way to prevent/look out for possible/impending conflicts. :+1:

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I agree. It’s more of a more detail information that tells us how the processes will be which gives us more understanding of what goes around the overall activity.

I understand. It provides us with more precise knowledge about how the processes will work, which helps us better comprehend the context of the whole action.

I guess you’re right. If I may add up, such guidelines should have specific do’s and dont’s that follow Section 2 of Article VI in DAOstitution. This way, members and future Juries will have clearer view of what to expect from such proposals.

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I think that is mentioned in Article VI - Conduct and Expectations of the Proposal Jury :+1:

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I got your point. BDIP-2: Article VI is a bit broad. What I’m trying to impart is somehow there will have more specific guidelines for a specific topic proposal/discussion. Whereas, the said guidelines will help the voters and/or juries in answering specific conflicts that would arise in the future. :slight_smile:

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I do hope they’ll provide more specific details regarding this. As some details are already mentioned in the previous articles. Need to make sure first.

I think this article is published to let us have a plain and understandable definition of interpretative guidelines in the BreederDao institution and what to expect about it.

I see. I’m pretty sure they will come up will such details in future proposals. Any ideas you might share? :grinning:

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It would depend on the topic and/or proposal. Let’s say we have come up with a topic of gamefi NFT trading and it leads to a proposal. For instance, in what proper platform should trading take place? Prohibition should include only certified $BREED holders and members are eligible to take part in such activity to prevent illegal transactions and avoid being scammed. Something like that. :+1:

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Fair point! I think that would be another topic to be discussed outside this article. And let’s see if certain future topics will lead to a proposal. :+1:

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I do look forward to future proposals. Thank you! :handshake:

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I really hope they’ll provide us more particular information about this. Since some information was previously covered in the articles before.

I think we will be focusing on specific topics eventually. Let’s keep on supporting the DAO by sharing ideas that will also help the jury members. :raised_hands:

Agreed, mate! Let’s keep supporting the project. LFG :facepunch:

We certainly will be looking forward to this. Maybe more context is what I’m thinking. But yeah I see some info here has been covered in the other articles. :ok_hand:

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Exactly! There are more articles that discusses about the proposals and guidelines. This is just one of them and I think that this gives off clarity and more information on what should and should not be when it comes to proposals.

Yeahh and the articles covered pretty much everything we need to know especially when it comes to the process

Yes! This is another good read! Really very much relevant for everyone!