BDIP-4.1: AI Skins Publishing Fee


AI Skins is an AI-powered asset generator developed by the core team that enables creators to instantly
showcase their creativity and work through 3D-styled assets in real time using AI.

The purpose of this proposal is to set the initial publishing fees (i.e., $BREED as the utility token) for the use of the features and services offered by AI skins.


One of the intended features of $BREED is for it to become a utility token that will enable or facilitate digital asset creation in the metaverse. This proposal will allow users to exchange their $BREED tokens to access features and services offered by AI Skins to artists and creators.

To provide some background and information on the said project: AI Skins is an AI-powered asset generator that enables creators to instantly showcase their creativity and work through 3D-styled assets in real time using AI. More information about AI Skins can be accessed here:
AI Skins - How it Works.pdf (1.6 MB)

The publishing fee will be initially set at 200 $BREED per singular design published under the official AI Skins collection and 1,000 $BREED for each new collection published. These fees, however, may be changed or modified from time to time to take into account, for example, external economic factors and other important developments.

Ultimately, the goal is for $BREED to become a catalyst and fuel for an AI-powered tool that will allow creators and artists to generate and create digital assets. Additionally, this will enable $BREED holders to derive utility from their token holdings, pursuant to the mission of the DAO to democratize digital asset creation.

Specifications and Timelines


The schedule of publishing fees shall be as follows:

  • 200 $BREED per design created and published under the official AI Skins collection
  • 1000 $BREED per new collection/contract published

The initial publishing fees indicated above shall be subject to subsequent changes or modifications and nothing in this proposal shall preclude the imposition of additional fees and charges in the future as regards the publication services mentioned in this proposal as may later on be determined.


Once approved and ratified by the DAO, the publishing fees will be implemented upon the initial release of AI Skins.


I think its good to go ahead

This is the first step only. Sounds good. As long term investor i’d like to see more utilities for $BREED soon :grinning:

This looks good to me

This looks great, I’m glad we’re planning ahead for AI Skins already, kudos team!

Hmm, I’m not too sure about this, perhaps it would help if we had more information on AI skins first? I have a lot to learn about it from the proposal itself. :thinking:

great! I hope we have more info to come out real soon! :star_struck:

This is pretty interesting since AI is really getting big lately.

is this being passed before the release? when is ai skins coming out?

So far so good, I think this is interesting but maybe we could have another proposal to expand on this? Feels like a missed opportunity to flesh out the extent of this proposal, especially after such a long downtime.

yeah! I also looking forward to that!

Yes! Same sentiments!

Hi Chrstn1991,

You should be able to access information about AI Skins through the attached document under the Rationale above, but do let us know if you do have any further questions about AI Skins.

I’m excited to vote for this, I think this is a good step in the right direction.

This is really impressive! It’s such a great way to keep up with technology! :star_struck:

I agree completely. The publishing fee proposal seems fair and just. This will also add more value to $BREED since another utility is going to be added, IMHO.

thanks for releasing this! I’ll be waiting for more info as it come. :smile:

Helena, hello!

It’s encouraging to see that this new tool will make the $BREED token utility more relevant. Aside from the publishing charge, I assume there will be more. If the team releases a beta test, I’m eager to give the platform a shot. :+1:

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Hey! We should definitely have a session for Holders and Stakers when it comes to Proposals like this so we can ask the team questions