BDIP-4.2: DAO EDF and Treasury Allocation


AI Skins is an AI-powered asset generator developed by the core team that enables creators to instantly showcase their creativity and work through 3D-styled assets in real time using AI. More information on AI skins can be viewed here.

This proposal seeks to split the publishing fees generated by AI Skins (BDIP-4.1: AI Skins Publishing Fee) and allocate them between the BreederDAO Treasury and the DAO Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF).


The objective of this proposal is to allocate the publishing fees generated by AI Skins ( towards the continued development of BreederDAO with the goal of transforming the DAO into a self-sustaining entity in the long run. This can be achieved by allocating the said fees between the Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF) and the Treasury of the DAO, which are two important funding allocations or sources that are crucial to the DAO’s evolution and progress.

The Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF) is generally utilized by DAOs to provide funding for different projects, initiatives, and partnerships including funding for grants, staking rewards and hackathons to aid in the expansion and adoption of the ecosystem. The goal of the EDF is to provide resources for ecosystem development, including community building, strategic investments, and long-term growth, which can help create a thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

On the other hand, the treasury is often used to fund the DAO’s activities, projects, and funding initiatives, as well as to provide incentives and rewards to its members. This includes the continuous development and improvement of different BreederDAO tools and products such as AI Skins.

Specifications and Timelines


The allocation with respect to the publishing fees, as proposed in BDIP-4.1: AI Skins Publishing Fee (i.e., 200 $BREED per design created and published, and 1000 $BREED per new collection/contract published), will be as follows:

  • Fifty percent (50%) of the publishing fees generated by AI Skins shall be allocated to the BreederDAO Treasury
  • Fifty percent (50%) of the publishing fees generated by AI Skins shall be allocated to the Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF)

The initial allocations indicated above shall be subject to subsequent changes or modifications and nothing in this proposal shall preclude the imposition of changes with the said allocations in the future as regards the publication services offered by AI Skins.


Once approved and ratified by the DAO, this division or allocation of the publishing fees equally between the EDF and the Treasury will be implemented upon the initial release of AI Skins.


Good Split. Makes sense to me. I agree

What’s about BUYBACK and BURN?

Totally agree on that stuff. We come closer and closer to working business model. It will definitely be an awesome update. Waiting to vote :sunglasses:

Great idea here, Alex!
Probably something from EDF will be used for this, but we need some additional comments on that point to clarify the further use of EDF’s fees

I like this model and it seems to work. The most important point is that there is a demand from customers for this type of service.

I believe such detail should be included on different proposals, perhaps? or a separate clause under EDF?

This really aims to foster innovation and support the growth of ethereum ecosystem, and could potentially have a positive impact on the value of breederDAO! Love it.

50/50 seems fair to me. I believe everything will turn out great once the project launches.

I am glad that we are going to vote for the allocation of the AI publishing fee although I prefer it if they will have more allocation percentage on the EDF to help with the development of the ecosystem.

I agree with allocating a chunk for the EDF because it holds the strengthening pieces for the ecosystem as a whole. :ok_hand:

That would be great. Maybe it’s on the way, who knows. The team knows how to listen to the community anyway

very much in favor of this idea.

This seems reasonable and just, and I am eager to learn more about the release and how the EDF plans to improve ecosystems. I’m looking forward to seeing how BreederDAO performs following this implementation. However, I would like to find out about the details of these funds as soon as possible.

When the platform is launched, there should be some kind of transparency regarding the treasury and the EDF. A monthly status report, in addition to traceable blockchain transactions, I think would suffice. :+1:

This is a great idea. I hope the team will be able to consider this. Transparency is very important when it comes to these things.

Looking great so far! I’m loving the EDF to help keep things strong for AI Skins!

Smart… I like the future-proofing that the team is doing.

Exactly, this would build more confidence and trust among community members since we will know and see what exactly is happening with the funds

Can’t wait to see more proposals keep coming out.

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