Article I - Declaration of Goals and Purpose

Love the energy and all the positive feedbacks we got for the team and the project. LFG BreederDAO!

There are many supporters of the project pal! :raised_hands:

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I couldn’t agree more, there are really a lot of supporters all over social media too!

Twitter following is massive bud! If I am not here, I am at Twitter.

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It’s good that they are very active on different social platforms.

Looking forward to what this project may bring in the future!

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We ain’t waiting for nothin’ buddy!

Cool! I also do the same haha, there are really lot’s of supporters else where!

Right?! I can’t count the number of supporters they have.

That’s true! It really shows how the team is dedicated in sharing the project’s good news, announcements and all updates. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Exactly, mate! I’ve always been impressed about how the team manages to share such detailed information to us. :100:

Same here, mate! Been rooting for the project! I can see a bright future ahead! :rocket:

I know right? These are very impressive goals. I’m glad to be a part of this crowd supporting and trusting the team. :heart_eyes:

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It’s massive and it’s even getting bigger.

It is also good that they are laying it all down for us and for everyone to see. It gets more and more exciting.

Do you guys think they will add more goals in the future?

You guys have my full support! LFG!!

I feel you, mate! I am really grateful just as you are. :heart_eyes:

Let’s all give them our all out support. I’m willing to cross mountains for them!

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Cross mountains? That’s some dedication you have there, mate.