Article II - Definition of Key Terms

This is absolutely spot on!

I am also really waiting for that to happen, hehe excited to get to read another insightful thoughts.

Me too. Still make it a habit to revisit the articles once I have time

Yes, same here. Good thing that they have this. Really helpful.

Definitely, bud! That is for sure!

Have you encountered any term that you would like for the management to look for us?

This article is really helpful, whenever I forget some terms, I keep coming back here to remember them.

Does anyone still needs clarifications with the terms provided?

As of now, I do not have any, but I surely will not hesitate to message here, once I get to think of one.

It seems that the terms has it’s corresponding meanings. I don’t think there’s no need for clarification.

Thank you for the support pal!

I don’t have any clarifications or whatsoever so far.

Not here. I’m all good.

Great! I think its because it was well presented that we can not think of any further clarifications.

I think that as well. I just made sure by asking just in case some members still need some clarification about some terms.

None for me for now. Don’t you think we should ask the team for an updated one? I’m guessing there could be some terms that we could use for the governance systems.

I am thinking the same.

It would be best to post them here so that others will be able to see it as well.

Yeah I agree so then the management can notice it.